Genys – “TOTAL FTWRKNG” is out!

Giuliani Total Ftwrkng 1417x1417 Celebrating the end of 2020, the beginning of 2021 with quite a bit of hopes for better times finally coming back. Hopes for the end of Trumpism, right-wing populism Worldwide, hopes for the end of the rule of fakeness, manipulation, lies and end of the pandemic. Hopes for return of the rule of love, dance, hugs, kisses, equality, truth, unity and harmony with our planet. lowvibe · Genys - TOTAL …

Nangdo And Phaid “Dumb Shit EP” is out!

2000x2000-LOW013 We are really proud of this real footwork made by our good Berlin friends Nangdo and Phaid. Pretty much our mood recently. You can get it here.

Nangdo And Phaid – She Ready (Bonus Track)

2000x2000-LOW013 As promised, here is some present for you guys. Bonus track "She Ready" from Nangdo And Phaid EP "Dumb Shit". You can download it here

Nangdo And Phaid – “Dumb Shit EP” – 23.11.2015

2000x2000-LOW013 Great news! November 23-rd 2015 Nangdo And Phaid EP is going out. Proper footwork from our Berlin fellas. Expect some present soon!

3 lost and found tracks by Genys are out

1000x1000-LOW012b The head of Lowvibe records Genys had a little break in releasing his music on Lowvibe. But he released couple of nice remixes: for Ben Mono and Lars Moston and for Lithuanian reggae-dub band Ministry of Echology, one more remix is coming out soon. During that time some of tunes were created with the friends Tiny Tim and Jabeen, then lost somewhere in the hard disc, then found and finally …