A good vibe is a low vibe

Lowvibe was founded when british and russian blood got mixed up in Vilnius, Lithuania. We collaborate around the world to make experimental bass music and innovative events. Our favourite frequencies are 25-100Hz. The other stuff is just for decoration.

Lowvibe story

Genys and Mark Splinter, the founders of Lowvibe, were born a thousand miles apart, on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall. Now they swapped the sides, Genys lives in west Berlin, Mark in Vilnius.
Since 2009 with their events, a bunch of the best Lithuanian electronic artists and a specially selected catalogue of releases, Lowvibe is already well known across Lithuania. Now the talk is spreading worldwide.

Producers from cities all over the country are now working on innovative bass music, collaborating with international artists, and experimenting with new combinations of genres. In the new Lithuania, a new sound will emerge and new styles will form. Uniquely influenced music will be created. We promise you that Lowvibe will find and release the best.

New page of Lowvibe life

Since Genys moved to Berlin, new artists and collaborations are being found, new events, activities have been started. Check our website, facebook page and soundcloud for the latest releases and info. Send your tunes via soundcloud dropbox, we are always looking for new bass music artists.

Where to buy our music?

All our releases are distributed by Bagpak Digital Distribution (NY) and available in main internet music shops such as iTunes, eMusic, Juno Download, Dancetracks Digital, Amazon, Digital Tunes and many others (list of all stores is in Bagpak website).

Lowvibe crew:

Genys – A&R, events
Eglė Suckmafinger – visuals
Mark Splinter – PR, texts
Sleeper – design
Paulius Baltušnikas – webdesign
Gediminas Čekanauskas – css/html

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