Emery feat Mikee Liks – Wherever You Are EP

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The track “Wherever You Are” was born in summer 2010 when Lithuanian drumnbass soldier Emery hooked up with Mikee Liks, a talented MC who came to Lithuania with London label Cutterz Choice. Real Lithuanian ravers remember Mikee from the Mulen Ružas club back in 2006, holding the stage with Nicky Blackmarket at the now legendary Lithomania rave.

“Wherever You Are” is a summery friendship anthem, now making its debut in Lithuania. The international release will follow on Lowvibe, along with a stack of powerful remixes by Vaiper, Garas and DJ ID, the man responsible for remixing such grand masters as Stanton Warriors and Wu Tang Clan. Wind down the windows and blast this one out to the streets, wherever you are…

LOW008 – Emery feat. Mikee Liks – Wherever You Are by lowvibe