Shidlas – Saliami Postmodern


With subject matter ranging from the hobbies of terrorists’ children to the absurd chorus of “salami salami salami salaam aleikum”, it’s probably good for Shidlas’ personal safety that nobody can interpret what he’s saying. If the Monty Python guys could figure it out, they’d probably have a good laugh.

We will be honest, if you don’t speak Lithuanian (only 3 million people do) then you are missing out on the full force of the Shidlas lyrical circus. You’ll also need Italian, German, Arabic and a sense of humour to fully appreciate this anarchic new-european culturemash, but there’s no need to worry, just relax and enjoy the pitch-perfect articulation.

All his vocal innovation is woven into equally eclectic and entertaining instrumentals, cooked up by Lowvibe chef Genys. The vibe is musically true to the Jamaican roots of the project, but Shidlas and Genys have thrown out the rulebook, creating a reggae fusion style that a new generation can move their feet to, throwing in sounds from dubstep, electro, hiphop and outer space.

As Shidlas so eloquently asks, “What are coffee roasters’ children doing?”
These and many more philosophical moments are encapsulated in one album, available now, with salami printed on the front. Bon appetit!