Everything would be different


Continuing their solo release series, and introducing their first international guest remix, the Lowvibe boys are back with label founder Genys flexing his skills on the deck of the swingstep battleship, backed up by Wascal in the remix submarine.

A: Everything Would Be Different by Genys

Genys (meaning Woodpecker in Lithuanian) invites you to La Cirque de la Wonque, a place where nightmares become dreams and synthesizers melt and wobble in a hall of sonic mirrors. Marching through the middle is a clown orchestra complete with dancing bears and an elephant playing the tuba. La cirque, c’est fantastique!

B: Everything Would Be Different by Genys (Wascal remix)

Switching the mood up to a more four-four flavour, Wascal has done a Bristol on the superswung original from Genys. Keeping the leftfield random comedic punctuation, this version steps up the danger and builds to a pounding carnival vibe which definitely doesn’t need more cowbell. Suitable for anyone who has legs.