The debut release from a new independent label based in Lithuania, selecting experimental bass music from innovative producers at home and abroad. Three tracks from three acts, including superhot newcomer Eleven Tigers and the founders of the label.


Leading the Lowvibe mission is the first track on our first release, and it’s the best example of “experimental bass music” we could find. Lithuanian Eleven Tigers, living in London, has created a stormcloud of swung beats, tiny bells and manic synths, flying over a solid foundation of sub-breaking swells and kicks. Awesomely technical and
intensely involving, you probably shouldn’t listen to this one while taking your first trip. Look out for more from Eleven Tigers on his debut album “Clouds Are Mountains”, out on Soul Motive records.


Genys (meaning “woodpecker”) is the founder and manager of Lowvibe, and his music influences the whole label. With a cheeky attitude to the darker side of dubstep, and a meditative background influenced by the sounds of Jamaica and his travels to India, Genys has come up with a deadly spooky roller for his debut selection. “Inna Tank” was born from a sound inside a metal water tank, and has been twisted and crafted into a sneaky headnodder for the smokers at the back. Genys is the original underground soldier of his scene, and this track shows that his sound cannot be ignored.


Taksi, a confused british expat and a guy from a NATO airbase town, are the originators of the dubstep scene in Lithuania. They are Mark Splinter and Nightjar. On Lowvibe, they push their sound beyond their dubstep roots, invading garage, techno and any other genres that don’t know how to defend themselves properly. Galaksija (pronounced “Galakseeya”) is a space odyssey for the intergalactic stepper, with acoustic snares, swung hats and funked up kicks rolling over a supernova sawtooth bassline. Suitable for use on either headphones or dancefloors, the intelligent and heavy sound of Lowvibe is evident all over this track.