Lowvibe radioshow #9 recording with Mesak and DKSTR

PavanMesak_by_PA Lowvibe radioshow #9 feat. scpecial guests Mesak & DKSTR. It was aired 23rd of March 2012 on Twen FM. This time the guests had just a little time because they needed to be in their SKWEEE party same night in Berlin which was great! Anyway you can enjoy now 2 hours of Skweee, digi-dub, chiptune and other synth music mixed by Genys and Finish guests. Lowvibe radioshow #9 recording with …

Lowvibe radioshow #9 feat. Mesak and DKSTR

PavanMesak_by_PA Friday, March 23rd 2012; 10pm – midnight (CET) on TWEN FM (online and 88.4FM in Berlin) This Friday the real skweee sounds will meet the the real low vibes!! Genys prepared a special set of 8-Bit, Chiptune and Skweeeish tunes, but most importantly we will have two guests – one of the founders of Skweee movement Mesak (Harmönia records) and another master of Skweee from Finland – DKSTR. Together they …

Lowvibe Forest – new event in Berlin

Two Mile Hallow, NY Sunset 7:22pm Plate 1© Eric Cahan Lowvibe starts new event series called LOWVIBE FOREST in Berlin. First event: 21.04.2012, 11:30PM @ Naherholung Sternchen (Berolinastraße 7, 10178 Berlin, Germany)   Al'Haca Sound + MC Dressla (Jahtari) Mamiko Motto (Hepcatradio/NTS) IJO (live, Lowvibe/Blikmuzik) Genys (Lowvibe) Ångstrøm (Naherholung Sternchen/Bauzugrecords) R A U MLICHTE   for more information go here

Lowvibe radioshow recording with DJ Delay

DelayRun This is Lowvibe radioshow recording that was aired 24th of February, 2012 on Twen FM, Berlin. In the first hour Genys selected the electronic and bass music only from Lithuania, from labels Lowvibe and Blikmuzik. In the second hour - dub music selection from DJ Delay

Lowvibe radioshow #8 with DJ Delay

DelayRun Friday, February 24th 2012; 10pm – midnight (CET) Online on TwenFM and 88,4 FM in Berlin Genys and Mette are giving you one hour of the best and freshest low vibes from Lithuania as well as dedicating another hour to their special guest DJ Delay – the guy behind the names of Beam Up, Sonical and Mash Up who’s been making and playing music all over the globe since 1989. …